Price List

Stringed Instrument Resurrection Price List:

Basic Set-up of Electric or Acoustic 6 string Guitar, including: polish frets, clean and condition fingerboard using wax, tighten tuners and ferrules (if needed) check electrics for scratchy pots and switches (clean out with DeOxit if necessary) check for bad jacks, bad batteries or pots, re-string the instrument, tune up to desired pitch, adjust truss rod if needed, set the action at 12th fret to proper specs, intonate bridge saddle(s) check for loose strap buttons or pots, adjust pickup heights, re-check truss rod and action, plug in/play instrument, check for buzzing frets, re-checking intonation and adjusting action again if necessary. This is our bread & butter, all for only $80.00!

Basic set-up of Floyd Rose/12 String/Multi-string electric guitars: $95

Basic set-up of 12 String Guitars: $95

Banjo or Resonator guitar Set-up: $95

Re-string & Tune of 6-String Acoustic or Electric Guitar: $25 (Strings Extra Charge)

Re-string & Tune: Classical Guitars/Guitars with Bigsby bridges: $30

Re-string of 12 string & multi-string Guitars/Guitars with Floyd Rose-type bridges: $45

Re-string Ukuleles: $25

Re-string Banjo, Reso or Mandolin: $45

Banjo head installation: $80 +part cost

Fret Level (Level, Crown/Shaping, Dressing & Polish frets): $160

Polish Frets, clean and condition fingerboard & seal with wax: $20

New Nut & Nut set-up: $80 (Antiqued nut: $95 / 12 string=$100)

Electric Pick-up Install: $60-first PU, $40 each PU after (Hollow/Semi-Hollow Guitars: $80-first PU, $60 each PU after.)

Re-Fret, Electric 6- String guitar: $500

Re-Fret, Acoustic 6-string guitar: $500

Re-Fret of guitars with more than 22 frets: $575

Partial re-frets (Dependent on # of frets): $300 and up (please call)

Neck Re-sets: please call

Intonation, Electric 6-String Guitar: $40

Intonation, Acoustic 6- string Guitar: $50

Intonation, 12 String Guitars: $80

Replace Pick-up Selector: 3-way: $40 + part cost/4 – way : $50 /5- way: $50

Replace Toggle Switch: $40 + part cost

Replace Push/Pull DPDT Pot/Switch: $70 + part cost

Replace Output Jack: $25 + part cost ($20 for re-solder of jack)

Replace Barrel-type Jack (plus Stereo/TRS Jack): $45 + Part cost

Replace Push/Pull pots with > 6 solder joints on pots (each pot): $80

Replace rotary switch (see: Paul Reed Smith Guitars, 70’s Gibson’s) $100 + part

Replace Potentiometer (each): $40 + part price

Clean Potentiometers (full service): $20 (Hollowbodies = $30)

Custom Pick up wiring $80 Fee + work & parts

Saddle Work/Set-up/Action & Intonation Acoustic 6 string Guitar: $50, Electric Guitar: $40, Ukulele: $40

Nut Work/Set-up/Action on nut (Electric or Acoustic 6 string Guitar): $40

Shield electronics cavity: $60

Re-soldering of wires to pots, jack, etc.: $10 per solder joint

Install Strap Buttons: $15 each + part cost (generally $5.00 for each strap button)

Install Tuners (single tuners): $50 for 6 /Three-on-a-plate: $40

Break-in of old tuners: $20

Re-solder New Battery Terminal connectors: $25

Acoustic Pickguard Install: $60, (Electric harness or PG=$40)

Acoustic Pick up install: for sound-hole or under-saddle-type PU (L.R. Baggs M1 or Element, K&K Sound Pure or Definity pick-ups–drilled once at Strap Jack & installed) $100

Acoustic Install of multi-drill PU’s (L.R. Baggs Anthem SL, Session VTC/K&K Sound Trinity, etc.): $150

Replace/Re-glue binding: please call (generally $20 per inch)

Acoustic Bridge removal, replace & set-up: $180 + Bridge and saddle cost

Acoustic side or top cracks: please call

Banjo spike install: $35 each

Interior Bracing Repair on Acoustic: $60 and up depending on repair

Neck Repairs, Broken headstocks: please call

Install Bigsby Vibrato: $70 + parts

File & Polish sharp fret-ends and seal: $40

Seal frets ends to binding (area in between where string catches on many Gibson guitars): $40

Our Shop Rate/hour is Job Dependent, but generally $60/hr.

Appraisals: $85 with written document and pictures sent to insurance.

Please note: We prefer that you get a quote when we evaluate your instrument in person. We will do our best to give it a thorough analysis at that time.  If it’s more problematic situation, we would ask you to leave your instrument and we will get back to you within a few days with a more thorough quote. We will call if the job requires more than $150 worth of repairs.

We strive to work within our price list range. If there are any new problems discovered during the repair, which happens, we will contact you to discuss on how to proceed. In most cases, we charge a $40 bench evaluation fee.