Current Inventory

Our Acoustic Guitar selection:

SOLD!!! 1890’s- Marlboro Parlor Guitar (Washburn/Lyon & Healy) made for Montgomery Ward & Co: Spruce top, Mahogany neck back and sides, bone saddle, Ebony nut with beautiful binding & rosette. Recently resurrected, this beauty has a deceivingly loud, well balanced tone & is ready for the next 125 years, to go with you wherever you want to go, with the original case!

1953- Kay Model K-11:archtop acoustic: Spruce top, Maple back and sides, trapeze tailpiece with original Brazilian rosewood bridge and original emerald-green lined case! $750.00

SOLD!!! 1959- Stella/Harmony H929 Acoustic Parlor guitar: solid Birch top, Birch back, sides and neck. Completely refurbished  and then some by Ben Bonham out in Hood River, Oregon. This is not your Mom’s old Stella! $400.00 with chip board case.

1969- Barclay/Harmony H-162: made in the Harmony guitar factory in Chicago, Illinois of a solid Spruce top, solid Mahogany back & sides, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, bone nut and grand Grand Auditorium sized. This beauty is $700.00 with original chip board case.

SOLD!!! 1969-Harmony H1215: a solid Birch -sunburst arch top, Birch back and sides & a Maple neck fitted with an upgraded one nut. One of the most popular Harmony guitars in their stable for only $375.00!

1977- Guild F-50R: jumbo acoustic with a solid Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Mahogany neck, beautiful Mother-of-Pearl fingerboard inlays. This guitar is already a huge sounding guitar, but add to it that it’s Bonnie Raitt’s go-to acoustic? Unreal. $2,500.00 with the original hard shell case!

SOLD!!! 1984-Yamaha FS-620 “White Dove”: an extremely rare Yamaha acoustic produced for a short span in the early 1980’s. This acoustic sports a solid Spruce top, Mahogany neck, back & sides and the White Dove in flight headstock motif. A Grand-Auditorium shaped, direct/deep sounding instrument which comes with a LR Baggs M1 pick up installed and a hard shell case!

1991- Fender Redondo: the dreadnaught-style guitar with the classic Fender headstockSitka Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides with a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. This one has quite the tone and volume and is in excellent condition for being 31 years old! Aaaand, it comes with a gig bag for $530.00.

1996-Jean Larrivee D-09 Artist Series “White Tiger:” solid red Cedar top, Rosewood back & sides, Mahogany neck, Mother of Peal bound body and rosette with a striking White Tiger headstock inlay. A huge sounding guitar with lots of intricate ornamentation in the Larrivee style! $2,200 with original hard-shell case.

1996- Tacoma “Papoose:” 19” Parlor scale, solid Cedar top, Mahogany neck, designed by guitar aficionado George Gruhn and built with pride in Tacoma, Washington, USA! $750 with soft case.

1998-Guild D-55-NT: a solid Spruce top, solid Rosewood back and sides, Dreadnaught shaped with slight wear and oh-so-perfect aging finish checking. A cannon of a guitar that was a favorite acoustic of Waylon Jennings, Tommy Smothers, Billy Joe Armstrong and David Nail. This instrument comes with a hard shell case and years of songs still left to write for a mere $1,900.00.

2004- Guild GAD-50: a solid-Spruce top, Rosewood back & sides, Mahogany neck, Grover “Milk bottle” tuners & a transparent pick guard (we know, it’s important!) This GAD-50 is in excellent condition with the original hardshell case and priced to move at $650.00 with a stylish hardshell case!

2011- Taylor Grand Auditorium GA-3: solid Sitka Spruce top, Sapele neck, back and sides. A tastefully installed K&K Sound “Pure” pickup and pristine condition make this one hell of a deal at $1,150.00 with the original Taylor hardshell case.

ON HOLD!!! 2016- Martin HD-28V Dreadnaught: solid Sitka Spruce top, solid Rosewood back and sides, Ebony fingerboard and bridge, bone nut and saddle, Abalone inlays with herringbone and grained ivoroid binding. This beautiful instrument was custom ordered directly from Martin with all the case candy and OHSC. A once in a lifetime guitar for $2,900.00


3 Tracks music is very proud to be a Bonham Design, National Reso-phonic and Blueridge instruments authorized dealer!

Want to order your dream National Reso-phonic guitar? Give us a call!

New- Bristol by Blueridge BD-16: Dreadnaught size, Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany back, sides and neck, $395.00 with gig bag.

SOLD!!! On order: Bristol by Blueridge BF-15 “Baby Bristol.”: all-Mahogany short 22.5” scale guitar, made by the fine folks of the Blueridge guitar company. This could be that  guitar that impresses all your friends on the local river circuit for its size, tone and travel ability! $375.00 with padded Bristol gig bag.

New- Bristol by Blueridge BM-16CE: 14 fret 000-size, Cutaway model with Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany neck, back and sides. Cones with the Fishman Sonitone pickup system installed. A lot of bang for your buck for $475.00 with a Bristol padded gig bag.

SOLD!!! On order: New- Bristol by Blueridge BM-16: 14 fret 000-size, Sitka Spruce top, Mahogany neck, back and sides, $395.00 with gig bag. We get lots of compliments from owners of this fine instrument.


Resonators and other Acoustic Instruments:

New! Bonham Design “Deco #53”: a 1,200 year old growth solid Doug Fir top, solid figured Walnut back and sides (all locally sourced from Hood River, Oregon) 3 piece roasted Maple neck, Ebony fingerboard, stained Doug Fir terraced overlay, Kluson deluxe tuners and the coolest looking instrument virtually on the planet! $3,100.00 with case. Spoil yourself with this one-of-a-kind fine instrument!

New! Bonham Design “Weissenborn #45”: a Solid 1,200 year old Doug Fir top with Koa Inlays, Koa back, sides and fingerboard, hand-made rope binding of local Maple and Koa made by the Luthier, National Reso-phonic hand spun Aluminum-alloy 9.5″ with biscuit bridge embossed with the Bonham Design logo and a Bone nut. This is one brilliant sounding instrument that sings with a high clarity, yet a beautiful low-mid depth. $2,750 with case!

SOLD!!! 1893-S.S. Stewart (open back) 5-String Banjo: Nickel body with Brass rim, Mahogany neck with the SS Steward star on the headstock. This instrument, made in Philadelphia nearly 130 years ago was recently refurbished by local Luthier Rick Pedrosa, so it plays like a brand new banjo! Only $350.00 (Sorry, no case with this banjo.)

2003- Gitane DG-255 “Gypsy Jazz” guitar: solid Sitka Spruce top, Santos Rosewood back and sides with a fast playing slim Mahogany neck. Get all Django-y for only $485.00!

2006-Kala KA-GTB Tenor Guitar: solid Spruce top, Pau Ferro back & sides, bone nut and saddle…just divine for only $180.00.

2017-National Reso-Phonic NRP-14: Made in San Luis Obispo, California with the extremely rare—Maple body finished in green ‘bust. According to Jim at National, this was one of 3 made! The wood body of this NRP gives the instrument a deeper tone and resonance vs. the metal bodies and lends perfectly to slide or fingerpicking styles. Highway robbery for $2,300.00 with embossed National case and case goodies!


YES, We have a large selection and the full range of new and vintage Ukulele’s starting at $50.00! Give us a call!







1984- Fender Esprit Elite: a rare gem from the “Master Series”: Cherry ‘burst, Maple/Alder neck-through body with Rosewood 10” radius fingerboard, Schaller Humbuckers with split coil toggle, a Schaller roller bridge with fine tuners on the tailpiece. This instrument has some very un-Fender-y appointments that point to the Dan Smith/Fender 1980’s era. Incredibly priced at $1,800 with OHSC.

1992-Fender Standard Telecaster: Alder body finished in stunning Lake Placid blue with upgraded Duncan Hot Stack & Quarter Pound pickups, bone nut, top loader, Maple neck and original hard case– this one has GOT it! Yours for $820.00.

ON HOLD!!! 1995- Fender (Black Label) Standard Stratocaster: Alder body finished in black with a mint green pick guard, upgraded Fender Custom Shop “Handwound” pickups that sound just perfect, Maple C shaped neck with Rosewood ‘board, completely shop set-up right here at 3 Tracks! $899.00 with Fender gig bag. 

1999-Fender CS/Masterbuilt John Cruz Telecaster/Partscaster: Tampico Yellow body, Maple neck(that has been refinished and refretted) Seymour Duncan ‘59 humbucker(neck) Fender Tex-Mex (bridge) pickups. This guitar has an extremely comfortable large C neck that plays really clean. Add new tools to your toolbox for $1,050.00 with this one! Comes with a gig bag.

2004- Fender Starcaster/Stratocaster (H-S-S): rare “snake head” headstock, black sparkle finish, Maple neck with Rosewood ‘board. A great sounding and playing affordable Fender guitar for a mere $180.00

2010-Fender American Special Telecaster: Olympic white finished Alder body, Maple C shaped neck with post-1965 headstock decal, black dots, black pick-guard, Fender Texas special pickups (that sound fabulous on this instrument) with brass bridge saddles. This Tele is in excellent condition & is one heck of a player with a extremely straight neck and nice low action to go with it. Every player needs the right tonal tools and this one is loaded with all the goods you’d expect from a great Telecaster! $1,250 with TSA-rated hardshell case.

2013-Fender “Baja” Telecaster: Alder body finished in Candy Apple Red, Maple neck 4-way Baja switching with Fender Custom Shop “Twisted Tele” pickups. Go series/parallel and brag about your trips to Rosarito ! Comes with gig bag for $1,050.00.



1980- Gibson Firebrand “The SG Deluxe:” Ebony black finish, Mahogany neck through body, DiMarzio DP100 Super distortion pick up (bridge) paired with a Seymour Duncan ’59 Humbucker (neck.) This shredding axe has a repaired headstock crack, but is priced accordingly and really plays and sounds exceptional. Ride the lightning for $1,375.00 with a hardshell case!

1992- Epiphone Crestwood ET-275: Sunburst Mahogany body, Maple neck with Rosewood ‘board, Stop tailpiece, removed vibrato bridge covered up by a custom pick guard, original humbucking pickups, player wear but with tons of style for only $545.00!

SOLD!!! 2004-Gibson BB King “Lucille” Signature (Memphis) ES-355:  This elegant Ebony black instrument has all the appointments that Riley B. King adored: no F holes, the 6-position switch with Varitone electronics, gold hardware, hollow Maple and Poplar body, Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard, TP-6 tailpiece, Mother-of-Pearl inlays and Gibson custom shop humbuckers. Lucille is in excellent condition and has been treated with kind hands for the past 17 years. This really is a once in a lifetime instrument folks, which comes with the original Gibson “BB King” case!

2007-Epiphone Casino: Maple hollow body, Mahogany neck, P-90 pickups, near mint instrument for $800.00 with a very nice hard shell case! I Dig a Pony!!



Other Electrics:

1951- National Chicagoan Lap Steel: 6 strings, volume and tone controls , a single coil pick up, made by the Valco electric instrument company in February, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois! (See what I did there?) $440 with original tweed case.

1952-National 1125 Dynamic -Electric Archtop: Spruce top, flamed Maple back, sides and neck, Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. A Valco single-coil pick up with volume and tone controls, this beauty comes shop set up with nice bluesy-electric tone and low action. $1,250.00 for a really classy (nearly) 70 year old with the original case!

1965- Harmony Stratotone Mars H-45: a thin-line hollow Maple body, DeArmond neck pick up, Maple neck, Rosewood bridge and the neat-o atomic styled pickguard! A near-mint instrument that is getting close to 60 years old for $900 with the original hard shell case!

1965-ZenOn Victoria:  an offset Mahogany tobacco ‘burst body, full 25” scale length, very stylized “S” shape pickguard, one gold foil pickup in the neck position, Maple neck and some of the most regal brass control knobs we’ve seen! A rare instrument for $380 which comes with the original chipboard case.

1965- Julio Giulietti SA-225: semi-hollow, single cutaway guitar made by the  Zerosette/Castelfidardo  (who made the Goya guitars) Accordion company. Mahogany body and neck finished in a Cherry ‘burst with ultra –Euro vintage styling. Bellisimo for $1,200.00 with case!

1966- National Newport ’88: Semi-hollow reso-glass “map” shaped body, 1 piece Maple neck, “Silversound” bridge pick up, Raven black finish, National tremolo tailpiece, all original and one of the most gorgeous designs on the planet! $3,800 with hard shell case.

SOLD!!! 1966- Kent Polaris #540: made in Japan with a Maple neck/Rosewood fingerboard, single coil pickup and a striking fiesta red body. Check out the old Kent ads from the 1960’s for a trip down memory lane that is a few years late. This is a fun little ax with the original case for $350.00!!

Late-1960’s Guyatone/Teisco/Stafford hollow body: we’re dubbing this one the “White Pelican” for the very cool, odd shape. Maple hollow body, Maple (laminate) neck with Teisco TG-64 pickup. The tailpiece has been replaced  with a trapeze style tailpiece. A one of a kind guitar that isn’t going to visit us for long because of its style and tone! $695.00.

1973- Shobud Maverick 10 string pedal steel: 3 foot pedals, 1 knee lever. Simple but effective with original hard shell case! $1,100.00

1974- Guild M-75 Bluesbird: single cutaway electric with Mahogany neck-thru Mahogany  body, Guild humbuckers, roller-style bridge with Ebony fingerboard. A neck crack repair makes this player-grade guitar a true steal at $1,050.00 with gig bag.

1999-DeArmond (by Guild) M75T: Mahogany semi-hollow body finished in Ebony black, Mahogany neck, 2-DeArmond Dynasonic pickups with a Bigsby style bridge. This guitar is a favorite of Portland’s own Adam Selzer (M Ward, Alialujah Choir, Norfolk & Western.) Feel free to read up on these instruments (that were only produced for a few short years) & you’ll read what fantastic instruments they are for the price! Our is priced at the “better go get it” price of $800.00 and comes with a gig bag.

Early 2000’s Silvertone LB-11 bass: a P-bass finished in black with a Rosewood fingerboard on a budget for $225.00!

2011- Vox SSC-33-designed in conjunction with the artist formerly known as Prince, this guitar has a look like a Les Paul, but tones that are limitless with the Co-Axe pickups! You have to check this one out to fully understand–$500.00.

2013-Epiphone 50th Anniversary “Sorrento” E452TDN: Maple hollow body, Mahogany neck, 2-Gibson mini-Humbuckers with stock Wilkinson tuners. Number 1,026 of 1,962 built. This instrument is a favorite of another Portland legend, Johnnie Ward! This beauty is $775.00 and instantly becomes your life partner

2015- Eastwood “Phase 4” Hi-Flyer: based on the Mosrite-copied –Univox Hi-Flyer, this one has all the modern appointments and upgrades that the fine folks at Eastwood were very cued into! $870.00

2020- LTD “EC 256:” natural flamed- Maple top, Mahogany back, sides and neck, 2- ESP hum buckers, two volume and one tone control. Modeled after a Gibson LP, this one is one heck of a player and a comfortable one at that, with a contoured back and chambered body. $430.00 for a real player!

New- Ranchero Provisions 8 –string Lap Steel Console: beautifully crafted by local Luthier Rick Pedrosa out of local Walnut with Humbucking pickup. This one has to be seen and played to fully be appreciated! $650.00.






SOLD!!! 1964- Fender Twin Reverb: The real deal! 85 watts of 6L6 tube power. All original except for new electrolytic caps, replaced speakers with Naylor 12” speakers and 3 pronged, all lovingly done by Erik Miller of Euthymia Electronics in the SF Bay Area.

1965-Silvertone 1481 amp– 5 watts of all tube 6V6 power, 8” Alnico speaker, 3 pronged, checked out/cleaned up and ready to roar! $525.00.

1965- Harmony H410 guitar combo: 12 watts of 6BQ5 all tube power, built in tremolo, upgraded Celestion G-10R speaker, 3 pronged for safety. Rugged and ready to rock! $385.00

1967- Fender Bassman AB165 + 1967 Fender JBL 15” cabinet: 50 Watts of 6L6 tube power, late black panel head, paired with a ’67 JBL 15” speaker = holy match made in heaven of punchy, growliness Batman! $2,050.00 for the set changes your life!

SOLD!!! 1968-Guild “Thunder bass” head: 45 watts of all 8417 tube power, 2 inputs, made in Westerly, Rhode Island in the turbulent year of 1968. $450.00 changes your life and tonal output.

1969- Fender Vibratone rotating speaker: re-covered in white tolex, go SRV with this rare item! $900.00

SOLD!!! 1970- Fender Vibrolux Reverb Amp: early silver panel version with the stacked print. A respectable 35 watts of 6L6 all tube power with two- 10” Oxford ceramic speakers. Super deep reverb on this one– The Roy Buchanan amp!

1973- Randall “Commander Bass Power” RB-90A-PH head: Made in Irvine, California, 200 watts, 2 channels…the Commander was Nixon in ’73, would he approve of this name? $185.00

1979- Carvin SV250 head: 250 watts, made in Escondido, California, very industrial looks on this head. $295.00

1979- Hohner 1550 Bass combo: 50 watts, 15”speaker, nice loud, clean tones on this bass amp that was made in the USA! $360.00

SOLD!!! 1991- Re-issue Tweed Fender Bassman: 45 watts of 6L6 all tube power, beautiful lacquered tweed, 4 x 10” Eminence “blue back” Alnico speakers, solid Pine finger-jointed cabinet, 2 channels and amazing  punchy tone!

1991- Dean Markley K-65 guitar combo: 50 watts, 12” Peavey Black Widow Speaker, drive voicing pre-sets, 2 channels and lots of bells and whistles on this amp that has features ahead of its time. Owned by Norman Sylvester! $345.00

1991-Gallien-Krueger 250ML: 100 watt stereo lunchbox amplifier, with 4 band EG, Chorus and Echo effects built in, headphone out jack, with foot switch. This one packs a lot into a small lightweight package for $570.00!

1996-Trace Elliot TA-100R Acoustic combo: rare Mahogany cabinet, 100 watts of power, 2 channels, 3 input jacks: 2-¼”s and an XLR, 5 band EQ, sleek, sexy and really nice loud clean acoustic tone! $625.00

2004- Marshall JCM 2000-60 watt TSL602: 3 channel “triple lead” with 2- EL34’s pushing 2- Celestion “Volverine” speakers. If bells and whistles are your forte, then this is the amp for you! With a 15 knobs, a 3 button foot switch, effects loop and gain for days, this one is sure to delight all your fans for $665.00.

2007-Vox AC-30 (CC2) : 30 watts of all-tube EL-84 power, 2-12” Celestion speakers, added “top boost” section, you know this amp, so we’ll let you dwell on it…priced to sell at $600.00!

2010- Bogner “Alchemist”: 6L6 class-AB tube power section with 12AX7 preamp tubes, selectable power at 40 Watts or 20 watts, with 2-12” Celestion G12H speakers. This amp has 2 channels and various built in reverb and delays with tap tempo off the 4 button foot switch. Bells and whistles galore for $675.00!

2011- Marshall Class 5: 5 watts of EL84 power, Celestion G-10F 10” speaker in black Tolex. This rare-later version has a switchable low-power mode (power soak.) These are always one of our favorite amps in the shop! $650.00.

2017-Juke “Coda” Standard 112: class AB- fixed bias 30 watt Pentode/10 watt triode all tube amp! 12” Weber “Blue Dog” speaker, 3- knob true vibrato and tremolo.  Specs aside, this is one special amp that finds a great spot in-between a vintage Fender black panel amp and a vintage Gibson amp. $1,350.00

2020- Vox AC-15-C2: 15 watts of EL84 all tube power with normal or top boost channels, 2 x 12” Celestion G12N Greenback speakers a master volume, tremolo and spring reverb. Get that Euro-chime-y tone or go full out for $870.00!

2020 Marshall DSL HR20 head: 20 watts of all-tube EL84 power, 2 channels that are switchable withe the foot switch, high and low power modes for all situations, reverb and effects loop… what else do you need!? $500.00 gets you noticed.






1970’s Kustom (by Ross) K-250 :2-12”speakers: 1 Jensen Special Design, 1 VHT Chrome speaker. Silver-sparkle tuck and roll! $300.00

1990’s SWR “Workingman’s 15” cabinet. A steal at $190.00

1998- Marshall JCM 900/1960-A 4 x 12” slant cabinet: 4 x Celestion G12T-75’s handling up to 280 watts at 4 ohms. $400.00 This one pairs very nicely with our Marshall DSL HR20 head!









Our inventory is changing all all the time, so feel free to give us a ring!